The firm was founded in 2002 in Brussels to help Financial Institutions for their recruitment needs. In 2004, Jonnaert & Partners became the leader in banking recruitment.

Partnerships were signed in Paris, Luxembourg and in Geneva. 
Known for its excellent results in direct search, Jonnaert & Partners develops long term relations with prestigious financial institutions.

In 2008, we implemented an integrated HR approach with a wide range of services: Career Transition, Mergers & Acquisition, Outplacement and Salary Surveys.



Jonnaert & Partners Banking Recruitment (JP Bank) is the recruitment firm for the banking sector.  At JP Bank, we strongly believe in specialist efficiency, and we deliver tailor made services only based on a direct search approach. JP Bank is known for its searching with passion and commitment to quality.



Jonnaert & Partners is a consultancy firm for financial institutions that are considering the acquisition of an existing structure. We are also active in coaching of senior bankers. We developed assessment  and  outplacement programmes. And last but not least, we are very professional in salary surveys.