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Jonnaert & Partners is a consultancy firm for Financial Institutions that are considering to growth in Belgium by the acquisition of an existing structure. We have an extended knowledge of the financial intermediaries in Belgium. With discretion, we will analyze for your Board the opportunities there are in Belgium to growth by an acquisition of another Bank or a merge with another Financial Institution. Jonnaert & Partners will introduce high-level contacts between the Boards of the two parties. We have a long experience of transaction management and have the support of important legal and audit firms. And more: we know the people working in each financial institution.



Jonnaert & Partners is a consultancy firm active in coaching of senior bankers. We can implement an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations to improve their performances and achieve extraordinary results. Our coach enables the participant to find his own solutions, to discover new opportunities and implement actions by a dialogue based on disclosure and feedback.
We have also large experience in assessment centres. Our focus is to help financial organizations to take the best decision in recruitments, promotions, career orientations, mergers, restructuring, etc…



Jonnaert & Partners is an outplacement firm specialized in the banking sector. Our programs have been drawn especially for officers and employees of the financial sector. With a tailor made approach we will help bankers to find a suitable new career path. Our core values as well as our depth knowledge of the financial sector have led us to create outplacement programs adapted to this sector. Our methodology is adapted to each participant.



We are very professional in tailor made salary surveys. If a financial institution wants to study the salary levels for certain positions and compare his actual salary package with those of competitors, Jonnaert & Partners will analyze the market and advise the financial institution with the best tools and the greatest numbers of observations. With us, you will have a real comparison of all elements of the salary package between your business / corporate / private banker and those of your competitors in Belgium.