Promoting the banking sector, we strongly advise our candidates to keep their career path in this sector.  We limit the number of assignments handled simultaneously. We refuse to handle candidates employed by our clients. Integrity and respect of the professional ethical standards are always corporate values. Our firm respects the person, implying the rejection of any discrimination that would not be based on competencies. We keep the information from our client and candidate confidential.



Our search processes require that we apply a rigorous methodology, starting with the client’s visit. 
During such a meeting, our consultants will draw with the client the Assignment Letter including a good presentation of the client (business, structure, 
history, working philosophy, attractive features & company offer, etc…), the Job description (mission, scope of responsibilities; reporting relationship, etc…) and the Candidate profile (education, professional experience, personal and interpersonal skills, etc…).



1. Identifying target companies. 
A Long List of companies is then presented to the client.
2. Search execution including function & industry research, candidate identification. A Long List of potential candidates is prepared.
3. Interviewing candidates: in depth candidate evaluation. 
A Short List of suitable candidates is communicated to the client.
4. Preparing & following-up interviews and each step of the procedure.
5. Checking references.
6. Advising the two parties (client & candidate) regarding terms and conditions of the offer.
7. Closing & integration process of the placed candidate within the client’s structure.